What Is A Family Dentist Exactly?

It’s likely you’ve seen the term strewn about on several dentists sites. But just what exactly is a family dentist? To keep it short and simple, A family dentist is a dentist or dentist’s office that provides services for people of all ages. I know it seems that this would include practically all dentists, but it’s actually a term that is used quite selectively! There are few dentists that can truly claim to be a family dentist because of their inability to work on children’s teeth.

Why Can’t Many Dentists Work On Children’s Teeth?

The ability to perform dentist work for children is actually a specialized segment of dentistry, called pediatric dentistry. The way that dentistry is performed on children is inherently different from that of standard dentistry. As a result, it requires significant additional training. To become a pediatric dentist all applicants must complete an additional 4 years of schooling that trains them on the specifics of the ins and outs of dentistry and children. A lot of this effort stems from the gripping fear that many children have of the dentist.

Without the trust of the children it makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to perform any sort of dentistry. As a result a great deal of the training they receive are methods for calming and gaining the trust of children. The best pediatric dentists can occasionally be difficult to find. This article from Know All The Things gives some wonderful advice for what to look for when searching for your pediatric dentist. The ability of your pediatric dentistry will leave your children with bigger smiles, and far healthier teeth. Whatever you decide to do, be sure you pick a dentist that is preventative instead of reactive in his treatments.

What Else Does A Family Dentist Do?

Family dentists can handle just about everything aside from major oral surgeries. Some even can perform the removal of wisdom teeth! This is simply because a family dentist must complete all the training that a standard dentist receives plus the additional 4 years to become a pediatric dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is often included as a part of their training. Most family dentists are happy to perform any cosmetic procedures that you might wish. Be careful when dealing with cosmetic dentistry however, Most insurances will not cover the costs associated with strictly cosmetic procedures.

Having the family dentist perform your root canal can save you quite a bit if you don’t have the insurance for it! The total bill is often much lower coming from a family dentist than from an oral surgeon. Many other family dentists reach even further beyond basic preventative procedures. Some offer treatments in the realms of Periodontics, Implants, and emergency treatment. They are designed to be a one stop shop for you and every member of your family.

Why Choose A Family Dentist?

Family Dentists are simply designed around convenience for you and your entire family. Children find it easier to trust the dentists when they are there with their entire family. Even attending with just their parents can go a long way when building trust in the dentist. Showing that you trust the dentist helps a great deal with their fears. Family dentists also make it easier to schedule appointments! Allowing you to schedule multiple appointments for children young and old, and handle your own appointments at the same time.


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