What Is The Best Garage Floor Sealant?

Adding a sealant to your garage floor is necessary if you want it protected so that cracks will not form and stains, which are often caused by dripping and spilled oils, do not become an eyesore. It is guaranteed that by using a concrete garage floor coating, you can have the longest lasting results because you will be using an epoxy based product. Epoxies are the greatest sealant because they are designed to have a chemical attachment with the concrete and they are durable and very tough. An epoxy garage floor coating can endure a lot of abuse and nothing will show.

First of all, here’s some information about epoxy. Products made of epoxy are composed of two liquid chemicals— resin and hardener. When these two are combined chemically, they will form a solid substance which is extremely hard. Actually, as you apply the epoxy coating to a concrete surface, it becomes tougher than the concrete. Aside from the usability of this sealant, it also has a wide selection of differing colors so that you can find a match for the color scheme of your home or the paint color on your street rod. You also have the option to apply color flakes over the surface before it totally cures so you can have a two tone flooring.

There are a lot of concrete garage floor coating products which are less costly, like floor paints (enamel and latex) but they are not long lasting like epoxy. Proper preparation before applying the sealant is necessary so your epoxy coating is assured to last several years or even several decades.

It is a must that the whole floor area is prepped correctly. The surface of the floor must be totally free from any dust and dirt and all petroleum residues must be removed. If the floor has drops or large patches of oil, these should be thoroughly cleaned before rolling on the surface coating. In removing oil residues, a good quality degreaser is necessary to make sure that most stains are removed. To increase the longevity of the sealant, perform an acid wash on the surface by using a mild solution of muriatic acid so that the concrete will be etched. This improves the bonding and it will allow the epoxy to seal much better.

If you want to have the best garage floor sealer that money can purchase, you should get an epoxy-based product.