Why You Need to Hire Queen City Pet Sitting Caretakers to Walk & Feed Your Dog

Working long full-time days at the job or taking extended vacations requires outside care for your dog. The easiest way to reduce stress on them and you is to hire Queen City Petsitting to provide care for your four-legged friend.
Reduce Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Veterinarians would agree that no pet should be left at home alone longer than eight hours at a time. To ensure there are no “accidents” in the house, your loving dog should be let out at least every three or four hours to “potty” in the yard. Additionally, long stretches of being alone in the home can easily produce separation anxiety, or create boredom-induced bad behavior. Many dogs, when left alone, will wreak havoc by destroying the house in your absence.

Pet Caretakers Can Act As Your Surrogate

Queen City Petsitting will perform any required medical attention in the comfort of the home. They can administer pills and medication as prescribed by the veterinarian, while providing comfort to your dog when you are unable to perform the task. Should your pet require a visit to the veterinarian office in your absence, the professional caretaker can act as a surrogate while you are away from home.

Assisting Your Dog When You Cannot

Often times, when people are injured or ill in the home, they simply cannot take their dog for a walk, or provide basic services to keep their animal healthy. Pet sitters can walk your dog on a consistent basis, play with them in the yard and make sure all of their needs are being met. Additionally, they can take care of the family pet for days or weeks at a time, when no one is at home.

Benefits for Keeping Your Dog at Home When You Are Gone

By allowing your pet the stay their own home environment, the dog is allowed to maintain their own regular routine, while reducing the experience of high separation anxiety. When you go on vacation, your dog is more likely to experience less stress if they can stay at home, as versus going along with you for the experience. Keeping your animal away from unfamiliar places by providing companionship and care at home will help them stay adjusted, regular and happy, as they wait for your return.

By hiring a Queen City Petsitting, your family can have peace of mind knowing that someone is there multiple times every day to walk, feed and play with your dog. Additionally, the pet sitter can bring in the mail, water your plants and perform the simplest household chores until you return.


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