Queen City Pet Sitting Services Offer Comfortable At-Home Benefits for Your Dog

Instead of exposing your pet to diseases, contamination and parasites at boarding kennels, you can keep your dog at home by hiring a pet sitter. Queen City Petsitting offers educated, knowledgeable caretakers that can sit for your pet, or pets. Qualified to handle aggressive and timid animals, an experienced professional brings the proper attitude to handle all the special needs of your dog. Paying a reasonable flat fee, you will know exactly how much it will cost to allow a professional dog sitter into your home, to walk your pet, play with them and make sure their needs are being met.
Pet Sitting Benefits

Most likely your veterinarian would agree that from your dog’s perspective it would be in their best interest to remain at home whenever you are temporarily away. Whether you work long hours at your job, or go away on extensive vacations, your dog more most likely behave best in its own familiar surroundings, performing his or her usual routine. A qualified pet sitter will offer your pet all the love and attention required to keep them happy and safe in your absence.

By minimizing or eliminating any exposure to sickly pets that are commonly caged at a boarding kennel, you maximize your own dog’s health and well-being. Your loving pet can remain in familiar surroundings filled with their favorite toys while they enjoy their regular diet and exercise routines. A professional Queen City Petsitting service will provide extended walks, extensive play time in the yard, along with personalized one-on-one attention, that is focused on your pet’s specific needs.

With no disruption in your pet’s daily routines, he or she will be more “regular” when moving their bowels or emptying their bladder. By providing them daily exercise, your pets will remain more active while you are gone. Should they require any special medication, toys, bedding, food or any other necessity, the professional sitter can quickly accommodate their needs.

Benefits to You

Individuals that that suffer from illnesses and injuries, take long vacations, or travel on business, find great benefit from the services of a professional pet caretaker. They can taxi your animals to the veterinarian, while they strive to offer premium in-home care services for you and your pet. You will receive peace of mind knowing your four-legged friend is getting all the care they require to remain happy and healthy. By keeping your pet at home, using Queen City Petsitting, you will reduce their separation anxiety, and avoid boredom-induced bad behaviors.


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