Will Cleaning Supplies Freeze?

It’s that time of year. Winter. If you live in an area of the world that is warm all year round. Why are you reading this blog? Well, maybe you’re vacationing, but don’t clean when you’re on vacation. Have fun.


Okay, let’s get back to the point. 


Long story short, cleaning supplies will freeze. 


If they are made mostly of water, they will freeze. 


Don’t worry though, if you thaw them out they should get right back to working as normal. 


DO NOT microwave them. I’m no chemist, but radiation from microwaves and the chemicals in your cleaning supplies might make explosions. So, don’t do that. 


To be a little more specific, here’s some info about popular cleaning supplies and their freezing facts. 


Bleach: Will freeze at 19° F.


Dawn Dish Soap: Contains water, so it will freeze. When it thaws, it may go back to normal, but on the bottle it says that the water “holds ingredients together.” So freezing and thawing may not hold them together anymore. But I’ve never tried it. 


Glass Cleaner: From the data sheets provided by SC Johnson (manufacturer of Windex) their product will freeze at 32° F. So, try to keep it warmer than that. Although freezing will not impact its cleaning power. 


Pine-Sol: Pine-Sol is made of mostly water, so your pine sol will freeze relatively quickly. 


The best thing to do with your cleaning supplies is to keep them in a safe and room temperature area. Although we all make mistakes and accidentally leave them in our car after getting groceries. 


If you own a business and are tired of leaving your cleaning supplies in the car, contact Moonshine Commercial Cleaning, they never let their cleaning supplies freeze. And they will clean your business inside and out.