Your Rexburg Dentist At Grand Peaks Understands The Holistic Nature Of Dentistry

Rexburg dental care needs to be aimed at not only creating a healthy smile, but also to consider how the health of your teeth correlate with the health of your entire mind and body as well.

Like nature itself, the body is an interconnected system—problems in one area of the body can have profound impacts on other, seemingly unrelated areas. Dental problems are no exception, and our dental team provides dental services and continuing education for patients with or without dental insurance.

Patients at our dental office have positive experiences interacting with our friendly staff and dentists—we offer family dental work, pediatric dentist work for children, and strive for the highest professional treatment when it comes to cleaning, implants, and other forms of dental care.

The Importance Of Biocompatible Dental Services & Products

Some products still used in conventional dentistry are losing popularity as their negative impacts on mental and physical health are becoming more apparent.

The Dangers Of Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

According to the IAOMT, […] dental mercury amalgam exposes dental professionals, dental staff, dental patients, and/or fetuses to releases of mercury vapor, mercury-containing particulate, and/or other forms of mercury contamination.

Amalgam fillings are what most people refer to as “silver fillings”

This is a misleading name—a better translation for silver fillings would be “mercury fillings”, as they actually contain very little silver and are in fact comprised mostly of other elements, 50% of which is mercury.

Mercury, as most people know, is a toxic heavy metal

This has been known for more than just a couple years by the Rexburg community and most patients seeking dental care for cracked, decayed, or broken teeth.

Silver fillings release mercury vapor every time you chew, brush, floss, or clench your teeth. The release of mercury vapor into the bloodstream causes a number of physical and mental problems, including:

  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

While many other dentists still use amalgam fillings, your Rexburg dentist at Grand Peaks Dental instead provides a biocompatible alternative—resin fillings.

Let’s compare these 2 products for new patients or anyone interested in healthy dental practice:

Amalgam Fillings

  • Are not biocompatible;
  • Are non-adhesive, meaning they have to be forced or wedged into place—this causes micro-fractures in the tooth, which are the perfect places for bacteria and plaque to fester (requiring more dental cleanings in the future to keep your teeth healthy);
  • Expand and contract with temperature changes, creating more micro-fractures and deepening existing ones;
  • Are not very aesthetically pleasing (many people don’t like the “metal mouth” look).

Resin Fillings, on the other hand

  • Are safe and healthy for the human body;
  • Are naturally adhesive, making for a much more pleasant appointment as application is much more gentle (no micro-fractures);
  • Don’t expand and contract with temperature changes (again, no micro-fractures);
  • Look and feel just like your natural teeth—they give the patient a smile they can be proud of.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Rexburg who provides good care when it comes to dental services, choose one who avoids amalgam and instead opts for resin fillings.

Periodontal Disease—Not Just A Problem In Dentistry

As dental technology has improved and dentists have become more knowledgeable on the holistic nature of dental health, we’ve seen just how much periodontal disease contributes to other health problems in the human body—and vice-versa.

But first, let’s go into more detail on periodontal disease and what it means for your dental health.

What is periodontal disease?

You may have heard periodontal disease referred to as “gingivitis”, “periodontitis”, or simply “gum disease”—these terms are more or less correct, but let’s get them properly categorized:

  • Periodontal Disease – The inflammation and subsequent damage to the gums as a result of plaque and tartar build up.
  • Gum Disease – A synonym for Periodontal Disease.
  • Gingivitis – The beginning stage of gum disease, typically painless, and recognized by excessive bleeding when brushing or eating as well as gum discoloration (usually bright pink or red). Rest assured—gingivitis is reversible and curable with professional dental care (often a single visit) and subsequent improvements in dental hygiene.
  • Periodontitis – This is an advanced stage of gingivitis where the gums recede from the teeth, resulting in the teeth shifting, rotting, or falling out. While periodontitis is not reversible, it is treatable, requiring the patient to visit our office on a regular basis for professional dental care.

Everyone wants comfortable dental care—fortunately, you’ll find it at our office.

We typically get a new patient who is apprehensive about the dental care involved in treating periodontal disease, but our friendly dentists can make it a great experience that you will benefit from in the long-term.

Cleaning the teeth and gums so as to treat periodontal disease involves root planing and scaling—in short, getting under the gums and removing all of the caked on plaque and tartar, cleaning the roots, and then allowing the gums to naturally heal. With topical anesthetic, a comfortable office, and a great staff, this is no difficult endeavor. Our team will help you out along every step of the procedure.

Dental care for periodontal disease can have positive impacts on your overall health

Periodontal disease has been linked to a number of serious health problems, including heart disease and stroke.

The problem is linked to plaque—specifically the most common bacteria found in plaque, Streptococcus mutans—and its easy accessibility to the bloodstream via the gums (which bleed excessively with periodontal disease).

As more and more of this bacteria enters the bloodstream, it makes its way into the arteries of the heart and blood vessels of the brain. Problems thus include increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, and hemorrhagic stroke.

Whether or not you have health insurance, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a Rexburg dentist for the dental care required to treat periodontal disease.

The sooner you get the problem treated, the better you will feel about your smile and the health of your body.

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