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Kansas City Ford Dealers Used Cary Buying Tips

Buying a used car can be and intimidating process; however, there are times when our old car just won’t cut it anymore and you must begin that shopping process. Armed with a few tips the used car buying process does not have to be so complex. Utilize the following guidelines, provided by Gregg Smith Ford […]

The Classic Volvo 200 Series

One of Sweden’s gift to the world is the car company known as Volvo Car Corporation. Established in 1927, Volvo has developed to be one of the most trusted and most reliable car companies on the planet. Since its inception Volvo has been creating cars that were innovative and cutting-edge, something they continued to do […]

Accessories You Need For Driving Your 4×4 Off Road

4×4 trucks are some of the best vehicles for getting off the pavement and onto rougher, rockier terrain. If you want to drive your 4×4 truck off road, there are a few accessories you should install in order to get the best action. Suspension Lift Kit A suspension lift kit raises the frame of your […]

Choose the Right Car By Finding the Best Deal

There are a wide variety of reasons to finance a new or used car. First, you or someone you know may be underwater or in debt due to the sudden dip in home prices and the housing market crash. Second, you may have been unable to pay bills on time due to the economic recession. […]

Pitfalls of Car Loans

In order to find the best deal on used or new cars, you have to make sure you find the right place in your local area. Many car dealerships are weary of offering car loans and financing options to customers with bad credit due to the latest economic downturn. However, believe it or not, there […]

Top Reasons You Should Get a 4×4 Truck

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you undoubtedly know the countless choices being offered. While types and designs of cars come and go, one of the longest lasting, most dependable vehicles is the 4×4 truck. If you are looking for a tough, powerful vehicle, there are several reasons why you should […]

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