The Old Vs New Way of Gold & Silver Investing

A lot of people know that gold and silver investing is a good idea.
They also know the risks, or maybe not—maybe they’re aware of the fact that they don’t know the first thing about gold and silver investing, so they put off getting started for fear of getting scammed.

Others simply walk into the precious metals investing world like a blind babe in the woods, only to fall for age-old scams and shady business practices that leave them worse off than when they started.

Whatever the case may be, the biggest problem the average person faces when it comes to gold and silver is a lack of understanding—7K Metals is here to solve this problem.

Gold & Silver Investing

We want to help you become an expert so you can spot the scammers in the gold and silver industry like a hawk. 

For example, it’s been common practice to require someone to have a large sum of money—10, 15, 20 thousand dollars—before they could even start investing in silver. 

This is a barrier, among others, that 7K has removed. If you want to buy a single silver coin once a month, why shouldn’t you be able to? 

We will help you get the most value possible out of your gold and silver.

Another problem the average person faces is actually cashing in their gold and silver—how do they do so in a way that gets them the most value for their precious metals?

Traditionally, someone would take their coins or bullion to a company that buys gold and silver, the company would assess the legitimacy of the metals, and then they would provide an offer. But the thing to keep in mind here is that while this offer is on the table, the actual value of gold and silver is fluctuating—the average person doesn’t know when to take the right offer at the right time, and frankly doesn’t have the time to learn how to do so.

Here’s the solution:

Gold & Silver Investing

This is technology we’ve created that empowers you to get the most value from your gold and silver. Not only can you store your precious metals in your Sound Money Wallet, but you can also use it to cash in at the right time and get it right into your bank account.

The Sound Money Wallet has helped solve the issue of having a secure place to store your gold and silver. 

A lot of people—especially in the US—have run up against the problem of storing gold and silver. 

With 7K, you can buy precious metals coins, store them in a private vault, and have it ready to transact at the push of a button. 

This is a revolutionary innovation: the first digital wallet to use gold and silver fractionally. What’s more, it also allows you to trade gold and silver between members and to buy any amount you want—5, 10, 15 thousand dollars worth of gold and silver can be stored in your own private vault. When needed, convert it back to cash. It’s that simple.

Overall, the Sound Money Wallet has solved many issues within the coin industry.

There’s something we’ve seen over the years that’s really interesting when it comes to gold and silver investing: the split between those who deal only in bullion (bulk metal bars) and those who prefer rare collectable coins

The divide between these two camps has remained consistent in the precious metals industry. It makes sense when you consider different people’s motives—while bullion is great for bartering and building your wealth, there is an obvious appeal in the aesthetics of collectable coins that can quickly become a hobby just as much as it is a way of building wealth.

But there is obviously value in doing both.

Gold & Silver Investing

It’s a great experience to purchase a coin and watch its value increase over time due to its rarity, low mintage, and interesting custom design. 

With the Sound Money Wallet, our members can get the best of both worlds—bullion and coin investing.

Not only can you get gold and silver bullion into your Sound Money Wallet at any time, but you also get a monthly collector coin.

By stacking these assets over time, you can accumulate enough wealth to transform your life and even the lives of others.

With new collectors coins being created every month, there’s always a new product to get excited about with 7K.

Learn more about the value of becoming a member on our website.


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