Murphy Beds in apartment

Murphy Beds Are Safe

Have you ever seen Charlie Chaplin’s “One A.M.” from 1916? Me either. After all, that is more than 100 years ago. But, it appears that someone at the New York Times has. According to their article, the film includes a famous scene. It shows a “five-minute wrestling match between a man and bed that ends with both competitors half-destroyed and what’s left of Chaplin staggering away to sleep in the bathtub.”

So is that an accurate depiction of Murphy Beds? Or are Murphy Beds safe? The article goes on to say that “statistically speaking, you were probably as likely to die by tripping over an ottoman or walking under a falling piano.” So the answer is no. That isn’t an accurate depiction. Then again, is anything you see on the big screen an accurate depiction of real life? So you can be sure that when you are on a Murphy Bed, it isn’t going to fold itself up and trap you inside. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful.

Any bed is a large piece of furniture. You still need to use common sense and to follow essential safety precautions when setting up and using a Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed or wallbed. Wilding wallbeds are safe when installed properly. To make sure that this happens, each wallbed model comes with an installation instruction booklet detailing step-by-step procedures for safe installation. And just in case, this warning is printed on the first page:


Murphy Beds Safety FAQs

There are some commonly asked questions in regards to the safety of using a Murphy Bed. Here are a couple — along with the answers provided by Wilding Wallbeds.

  • Is there any chance my Wilding wallbed can accidentally close when someone is using it? Wilding Wallbeds has been building and shipping Murphy Beds for more than two decades. Over that time, the company has built and delivered more than 25,000 units. When properly installed, there is no chance of a Wilding wallbed accidentally closing during normal use. As far as accidentally opening, this is also not possible when properly installed. The force of the pistons or springs, depending on the wallbed model, holds the wallbed in the closed position. The piston lift beds come with locking legs and locks can be added to the spring lift beds.
  • Can my Wilding wallbed fall on someone if there is an earthquake? When properly attached to wall studs, Wilding wallbeds will not accidentally fall. Not a single Wilding wallbed has ever become detached from the wall or fallen on someone due to an earthquake. Injuries are extremely rare and are always directly related to not following basic setup instructions or improperly attaching a unit to the wall.
  • Does Wilding Wallbeds offer installation service? Wilding Wallbeds offers delivery and complete local installation service, including built-in installations, in Southern Utah, Las Vegas, and throughout most of Southern California. In all other areas, customers can choose to do the setup themselves or can hire a local handyman. Any handyman worth his salt can easily install a Wilding wallbed.
  • Can my Wilding wallbed be moved to a new location? Yes. Wilding wallbeds are portable. If you need to move it to another room or house, it is simple to do so. All Wilding wallbeds can easily be detached from the wall, disassembled, and moved to another location.
  • How hard is it to set the bed myself? Most Wilding customers either do the installation themselves or hire a local handyman. Every Wilding model comes with detailed written and/or video instructions. In addition, customers needing telephone assistance with their setup can call Wilding Wallbeds for help during normal business hours. There are just a few basic tools needed to complete the installation: a cordless screwdriver, pliers, a tape measure, a 3/16” wood drill bit, a stud sensor, a regular screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, and a 6’ step ladder. All of the hardware required for the installation is included with each model. Wallbeds can be installed on virtually any wall that has studs – either wood studs or metal studs – and can even be installed on concrete and cinder block walls. But it is essential that the proper anchor system is used for the type of wall. This is to make certain that the Murphy Bed is securely attached to the wall.

The Wilding Difference

There are many reasons that someone would want to purchase a Wilding wallbed. Those reasons include:

Their Murphy Beds are handmade by skilled furniture makers using only the finest solid hardwoods and top quality furniture grade plywoods available. Installing this space-saving furniture will allow you to make your space do double duty and improve your daily living. Wilding Wallbeds has been building and shipping wallbeds across the United States and internationally since 1997. Plus, with Wilding being the manufacturer, pricing is direct, saving you money on comparable products.