A Murphy Bed Gives You Space to Live

History Of The Murphy Bed

William Lawrence Murphy invented the fold-down bed in the late 1800s. Mr. Murphy marketed and patented his bed, and it became a brand name. It is still called the Murphy Bed to this day.

The original fold-down bed was a simple design, and it isn’t like what we have these days. It was a metal bed frame, and a set of drapes was used to conceal the bed during the day. However, the idea of using springs to lift and lower the bed is still part of the design today. This pull-down bed became a success because many people needed more space in their homes.

Expand Your Space With a Fold-Up Bed

Many of us struggle with space issues. There just doesn’t seem to be enough space in our homes for everything. It can be a challenge to make your home feel and look more spacious than it is. It doesn’t have to feel small and cramped, but it can be quite the opposite. You simply need to know a few tricks. Things like placing mirrors on the wall or painting the room a lighter color.

Sometimes, even after you have done every trick in the book, it may still feel on the small side. That may be because the furniture just doesn’t work in the size of the room that you have. This type of bed is the perfect solution to your small space problem. It can fold away for easy storage when not in use. It is stylish as well as convenient, and it works with every decor style.

  • free up space
  • are perfect for any room
  • come in many aesthetically-pleasing designs
  • are practical
  • are easy to use

When you think about it, you only spend a fraction of your day using your bed, so it just makes sense to store it away for all those hours when you’re not using it. A Murphy Bed is perfect for any size of room. It is also perfect for a guest bedroom that may only get used for a few days out of the year.

Having the ability to store your bed away when you are not using it frees up space so that you can use it for another function such as a sewing room, scrapbooking project, or exercise room. Rooms are often used for a number of combined uses and especially if you live in a more compact home. A wall bed makes your home feel and look much bigger and gives you more room to live in.

The New And Improved Fold-Down Bed

Murphy Beds come in a variety of different options so you can find the perfect one for your home. Since they have first been invented, there have been many changes made and alterations to the design of the pull-down bed to make it even better. It still offers the same great functionality but with a more sophisticated twist.

There are a few different types of pull-down beds, including:

  • The bi-fold bed
  • The library bed
  • The flip-up desk bed

The Library Bed

The library bed has practical and stylish bookshelves that conceal the bed when it is not in use. These bookshelves give you more shelf space and look elegant in any home. When you are ready to use the bed, all you need to do is simply pull apart the shelves, and you will reveal the bed. The spring-balanced mechanism that is installed in this type of bed makes it easy to set up the bed as well as to put it away when not in use.

The Bi-Fold Bed

This type of bed looks like a high-quality cabinet when the bed is stored away. When you are ready to use your bed, all you need to do is pull open the bi-fold doors so that you can fold it down.

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The Flip-Up Desk Bed

This is the perfect solution for those who need a desk but don’t really have the space for a desk and bed in the same room. It is also ideal for the office that doubles as a guest room. It is a desk by day and bed by night.

What To Expect When You Order A Wallbed

Once you order your bed, it will arrive at your door, ready to assemble. This makes it easy to get it into the room that you want to keep it permanently and you don’t have to worry about fitting a bed through doorways or trying to get it up a flight of stairs.

No matter what type of pull-down bed you decide to get, it is ideal for any living space and is a great way to make the most of the space in your home. They also come in twin, queen, and king sizes so that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort level because you are limited to a small size of bed.

If you are worried about mattress comfort, you don’t have to be because these types of beds can accommodate a mattress that has a generous thickness of up to 12 inches. That is much thicker and much more comfortable to sleep on than a thin futon mattress or pull-out sofa.

Wilding Wallbeds offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on their products so you can shop with complete confidence. Their beds also come with a Lifetime Mechanism Warranty so if you have any issues with your bed, you will be covered. Wilding Wallbeds is the only pull down bed company that offers a triple guarantee of reliability, and there are over 18 styles and models available. There are also 14 high-quality finishes and eight different real wood components that are available to choose from so that you can customize your fold-down bed to your liking.

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