Buying A Murphy Bed: What You Need To Know

There are tons of reasons why you might want a Murphy Bed that can fold up and out of the way. Murphy Beds are growing in popularity because they save space, can be multi-functional, and are just plain cool — among other reasons.

Murphy Beds are available in all sorts of styles, colors, and with a bunch of different options. Some say the Murphy Bed that you choose can define you. It can be confusing to sort through it all and figure out what is going to be the best option for you. How do you even know where to start? Well, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about anymore — you can start right here! We’ll go over everything you need to know before buying a Murphy Bed.

What You Should Do

  • Do some research: No matter your reason for considering a Murphy Bed, you will need to do some work before you can actually get one. You need to know what kind of space you have to work with. This will require you choosing a location where you want to install the Murphy Bed, and taking measurements to make sure it will fit in that location. You should measure the ceiling to floor and make note of any unique characteristics of the room that might need to be considered. Don’t forget to consider things like the location of windows and all doors in the area as well as any electrical outlets. If you have sweet skills, you might even want to make a drawing. Make sure to bring all of this information with you if you go to a Murphy Bed showroom.
  • Choose the right wall: Installing a Murphy Bed into the wrong wall can be a costly mistake. You are installing a heavy piece of furniture so it needs to be attached to a supporting wall and bolted into the studs. A bed that is attached to the wrong type of wall can do some damage to your bed, wall, or even someone using the bed.
  • Find out all the things: Some salesmen will tell what they think you want to hear — not necessarily the 100% truth. They might not even know they are doing it! You’ll want to do a little digging to make sure you get exactly what you are expecting to get. For example, if the Murphy Bed is made from all real wood, that could be only referring to the parts that are visible. Some of the inside parts could be other materials. It is best to get everything in writing.
  • Start with the mechanism: This is a great place to start because if you know what kind of lifting mechanism is going to be best for your situation, you can narrow down your other options much quicker. Your two most popular mechanisms are a spring lifting system and a piston lifting system. Spring mechanisms are more of a traditional system. They normally have heavy-duty compressed steel springs than are hidden within the frame of the bed. Your springs may need to be adjusted from time to time. Piston mechanisms normally use either gas or air pressure to function — support, raise and lower the bed frame. These also come with the benefit of a locking device that will provide an extra measure of safety. Piston mechanisms are nice because you should not have to make any kind of adjustments with them. But this also means that the installation job is more critical to be done right the first time.
Cape Cod Murphy Bed

What You Should Not Do

  • Buy a used one: If you are thinking that you could save some money by getting a used Murphy Bed, you might want to rethink that. As with pretty much anything, a used bed is probably going to come with some issues. And they will likely cost money to take care of. Plus, many of the older models just don’t look as good as the new and improved versions. And if you wanted to refurbish an older model, that might cost just as much as buying a new model.
  • Assume installation is easy: You should be provided with plenty of instructions and even videos on how to install your new Murphy Bed. Sure, they are going to be helpful and if you have a little know-how, you can probably get the job done. But for a project of this scale, it might be worth it for you to have a professional perform the installation to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Neglect to investigate customization: You might be thinking that getting a customized Murphy Bed is going to be expensive. You might be right. The only way to know for sure is to find out. This Bed Builder does a great job of showing you the options and letting you create your own Murphy Bed. And you can even see the price change as you go!
  • Forget about the warranties and repair policy: A Murphy Bed is a big investment. Just in case something happens, you should know what kind of warranty you have for both the mechanism and the bed itself. Also, make sure that you’ve got it in writing and keep that writing in a safe place that you will remember — just in case you need it down the road. Obviously, the longer the warranty is, the higher-quality of the product you are getting and the more confidence you can have that it will last. You will also want to be familiar with the repair policy of the company that manufactured the Murphy Bed. Can they send someone to your location? Do they just send you the parts and let you take it from there?

Benefits Of A Murphy Bed

Still not sure if a Murphy Bed is in the cards for you? That’s ok. Here are some reasons that might help you decide to take the plunge.

  • Space — You will greatly increase the amount of space you have to use. The options are endless.
  • Style — Lots of styles to choose from. Lots of options to choose from. You can even customize it for your own personal taste.
  • Ease — No heavy lifting. These mechanisms are easy to use and require little effort.
  • Etc. — These are just a few. There are plenty more reasons that you should be thinking about adding a Murphy Bed.


When you buy a Murphy Bed, you want to be happy with your decision. You want a bed that lasts for a long time. And you want a bed that is worth the price you paid. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you make that happen. Good luck!


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